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Term of Reservation

Term of Reservation
1.Check-in time is at 3 p.m. and Check-out time is at 12:00 p.m.
2. An extra person charge will apply if there are more than 2 adults in a guest room.
3.The use of fire in guest rooms for the purpose of heating and cooking is prohibited.
4.No smoking in room
5.Do not bother other guests, such as singing loudly, or any other noisy actions, etc.
6.Pets are not allowed.
7.Gambling or any other behavior that is against public morals is prohibited.
8.Inviting strangers into the guest rooms is prohibited.
9.Removing items from guest rooms or moving them to other places in the resort is prohibited.
** You will be charged for any damage to the Hotel's property caused by you or by your guests.


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